What is EFD?

What is EFD Power?

EFD power is engineering, constituted of multidisciplinary experts in the field of transport. We provide simple and innovative solutions by technological updates and creation of a vehicle that suits your needs of drop in consumption.

Our technical solutions can reduce your petrol costs and increase safety driving.

These solutions are adaptable to existing or specific vehicles.

EFD is distinguished by its multidisciplinary expertise in different business areas: Design, bodywork, mechanical, mechatronics, electrical engineering and intelligence system.

What we do?

We offer to upgrade your vehicle by combining all new functionality and improving their safety use.

Increasing the potential for traction or propulsion, reversible complete drive mode

ESP anti-skid control system and ABS braking system.

Control of the pneumatic grip and stability in bend

Smart and progressive recharge of the associated system batteries.

Economy by minimizing consumption.

Integration of intelligent system independent and complementary of the existing systems

After the upgrade, the vehicle keeps a identical driving mode, including additional features according to the configuration and your needs.

In order to to lower your costs and increase your safety driving, EFD can provide these services.

From a simple system of drive to the integration of a system of by wire full drive and a full-hybrid 4x4

We realize any offers on concrete request of your needs (specifications, technical support).

We modify your vehicle at our warehouse.





Vehicle which can receive our technology integration:


Light and heavy quadcycle


Trailer and caravan

Truck - 11 t

Semi-Trailer + 30 t


Motorized boat

Self motorized materials such as Fenwick


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